Ready to see the largest cruise ship in the world?
This is my review of the Allure of the Seas in pictures – with comments, menus, daily programs and (possibly) video.

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We’ll cover various aspects of cruising on the Allure of the Seas (good and not so good).
We’ll talk about Allure design, cabins, dining, entertainment and more.

Pictures and comments are being uploaded gradually.
Stay tuned!

1. A look from outside

Not the most streamlined and elegant ship....
Oh, yes!

2. Connection to the Sea

The real assets of the Allure of the Seas are "wrap-around promenade deck" (jogging track), beautiful observation deck with wings over the bridge, numerous public balconies on the stern.
Despite her mammoth size and "ship of entertainment" flavour, the Allure retained all necessary attributes of a real cruise ship. This is a big victory of Allure designers.
Unfortunately the "wrap-around promenade" is in fact an "obstructed view" (lifeboats) jogging track.
The good news is that it's not a dark corridor. Several open "windows to the sea" and a beautiful open stern make it a lovely place.


On the bow (restricted access)

On the tip of the bow 

Bridge / Observation Deck / Solarium

Solarium is not an exception for chair hogs

Can you see these chairs in the picture above?
Look at the public balcony on Deck 7 (the third one from the bottom).
Other public balconies on the port side are Decks 11, 12, 14

Deck 14

From the balcony on Deck 14

3. Allure of the Seas CabinsWhat does your home at sea look like?

Allure of the Seas Hallways

Allure of the Seas Junior Suite

Allure of the Seas Junior Suite Bathroom

Allure of the Seas Junior Suite Balcony (on the "Hump")

Allure of the Seas Standard Balcony Cabins
There are two layouts: bed by the balcony (BBB) and bed by the closet (BBC)
BBC is more convenient

This is a BBB cabin:

This is a BBC cabin:

Allure of the Seas Ocean View Cabins
(slanted windows overlook the bow)

Allure of the Seas Standard Interior Cabins

Less Typical Interior Cabins

Allure of the Seas Bathrooms
(typical for Balcony, Oceanview and Interior Cabins)

Allure of the Seas TV in your Cabin


4. Allure of the Seas Dining
"Adagio" is the Allure of the Seas Main Dining Room (MDR - included in the price of the cruise).
A very spacious and nicely looking  dining room
Food variety and quality was adequate to good for a mass market cruise ship MDR
Waiter service - swift and polite
Any Time dining option available
Maitre D' - most helpful

An intimate dining room for smaller groups. Reservation required. MDR menu.

Adagio Wine Foyer

MDR Sample Menu

To be continued...